Carmichael Family History



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1891 Census - Carmichaels 1891 census - Musgroves 1891 Census - Padfield, George Cox 1901 Census Musgrove, James A. 1901 Census Musgrove, William G. 1901 Census Padfield, George Cox 1901 Census Padfield, John 1901 Census Padfield, Mary 1911 Census - Smiths and Carmichaels on Knox St 1911 Census Bird, Gerald
1911 Census Padfield, William 1921 Census Bird, Gerald 1921 Census Musgrove, James; Lints, Edgar 1921 Census Padfield, George 1921 Census Padfield, John.jpg 1921 Census Playford, Chauncey Key 1921 Census Playford, Martin 1921 Census Playford, Thomas F Attestation of Norman Dale (back) Attestation of Norman Dale (front)
Attestation: William Padfield Attestation: William Padfield (Back) Birth register for Samuel Williamson Catherine Padfield funeral card Circumstances of Death: Padfield, William Circumstances of Death: Padfield, William (back) Death notice for Alexander K. Dale George Cox Padfield funeral card. Gertie-Padfield-funeral-card James Padfield funeral card
Marriage Register for William Ralph Carmichael and Edith Ann Smith RichardDaleSchool.jpg Sarah Ann Padfield (Hassard) funeral card William Padfield memorial William Padfield writes home